Three TV towers coming down on Denver’s Lookout Mountain


The Denver Post reports the three tallest towers on Lookout Mountain, owned by a consortium of TV channels, will be coming down and are being replaced by a 730-foot digital tower. The demolition ends a decade-long battle between broadcasters and Canyon Area Residents for the Environment (CARE). The homeowner group for 10 years battled rezoning attempts to allow the new tower. The city of Golden, CO joined CARE in the legal challenges. Concerns were raised about health effects from radiation as well as electronic interference, tower failure and aesthetics.

In 2006, an act of Congress usurped local jurisdiction over the issue. Colorado’s two senators, Republican Wayne Allard and Democrat Ken Salazar, sponsored a law to end what they saw as a deadlock to bring digital TV to Denver.

A Lake Cedar Group agreement with Jefferson County states the old towers must be removed within a year of broadcasting digital signals or within one year of when all equipment is removed from the old towers.

The first to go will be the KUSA-Channel 9 tower, followed by the KMGH-Channel 7 tower and then the KCNC-Channel 4 tower. The Channel 9 and Channel 7 towers should be down by the end of 2009. The Channel 4 tower will be dismantled in the spring of 2010. Its deconstruction is the most complicated because it’s the tallest, at 834 feet.

The consortium of local TV stations, which also includes KTVD-Channel 20, has already erected a 730-foot tower that holds all the stations’ digital equipment. Local residents are expected to be pleased with the aesthetics when all the work is finished, consolidating three towers into one.