Thumbs up for localism


I must be one of the few broadcasters who think a citizen’s advisory board would be a good idea.  It would do a lot of station owners good to see who actually lives in the communities they serve.  I’m sure many owners can’t even tell you where their supposed "cities of license" are!  The only really bad idea in the FCC localism proposals is the 24-hour staffing requirement which would result in a massive reduction of service from many small stations including ours. We’d just shut it down early like we did in the old days and turn it back on in the morning.

Maynard Meyer
Madison, Minnesota

And this added comment:

Incidentally, I participated on the FCC’s localism panel during the Rapid City, SD hearings.  I advocated for the return of the ascertainment of community needs requirement to replace the issues and programs list.  I also advocated for a requirement that at least SOME programming originate from the ACTUAL city of license.  I don’t think that’s asking too much of any broadcaster.  
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