Thumbs up for posting


I was at the RAB this past week and salute Jeff Haley’s pronouncement that the Industry will post. There are people in Radio who "get it" and want change. Jeff is one of them. Many of us are already doing a form of "posting" for several agencies and clients who have requested it. These are primarily large annual clients who have the opportunity to run make goods after new ratings come out, or who can adjust their schedule to meet a
negotiated cost per point on an ongoing basis. When our ratings go up many of these clients permit an adjustment in our favor as well. Extending posting to one time only, or intermittent clients that have no idea when they will return on the air, or want refunds, will be the challenge, even with PPM. Agreed it is long overdue to our clients, but this declaration should be viewed that real change is at hand. However, we must engage our
Agencies and Clients in the process of setting guidelines for posting in Radio moving forward.

Pete Forester – Director of National Sales

Greater Media New Jersey Radio Group