Thursday on 'Boston Med' a cardiologist crosses the line


Thursday on ‘Boston Med’, one OBGYN struggles to balance here careet and personal life.  Plus: a cardiologist crosses the line, becoming emotionally invested in a patient.

Kelly Wright is a study in contradictions. She is a gay Texan and a second year resident in Ob-Gyn. Working in women’s health, she says, people assume she is pro-choice and liberal. In fact she is a devout Christian who won’t perform abortions, unlike most of her fellow residents. But a difficult maternity case and the break-up of an important relationship have colored her first years of residency and led to career doubts. Episode 5 of “Boston Med” airs THURSDAY, JULY 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Kimberly Parks is a cardiologist assigned to work with heart transplant patients. One of them is Marvin Pollet, a middle-aged detective from Louisiana with a rare heart disease that will kill him if a donor heart can’t be found. He may be too sick to be eligible for the transplant list and Kim, who becomes emotionally involved with Marvin and his family, has to lobby colleagues to get him on it. It’s a powerful story about the bond that can form between a patient and a caregiver.

Mike O’Donnell is from a working class Boston neighborhood, loves the Red Sox and is a doting father and devoted husband. He was also, like Amanda Grabowski, a past “nurse of the year.” In this episode he will win the lasting gratitude of a family shaken by their child’s cardiac arrest. 

Rachel Clark is Kelly Wright’s best friend and also a second year Ob-Gyn. Her single-minded mission is to become a world-beating gynecological cancer surgeon. But her job leaves little time for her relationship with Jeff, a venture capitalist who hopes to marry her one day.

Picking up where “Hopkins” left off, “Boston Med” travels to a city renowned for medical excellence and home to three superb American hospitals:  Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital. Over four months, ABC cameras had unparalleled access to hospital staffs and patients. From operating rooms to end-of-life meetings, “Boston Med” explores the culture of doctors and nurses and the conversations that happen outside the patient’s earshot. This unsparing look at the ups and downs of hospital care holds many surprises for viewers.

Terence Wrong is producer and executive producer. Rudy Bednar is senior executive producer. Sedika Mojadidi and Carl Hansen are supervising producers of “Boston Med.”

(source: ABC)