Tidewater: Radio Disney spins another AM


For the third time in recent months, a deal to spin a Radio Disney outlet has surfaced. This time, the venue is the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News market, the station is WHKT-AM Portsmouth VA, and the buyer sold the station to Disney in the first place, back in 2002.

That would be Stuart Epperson’s Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting. According to the brokers for the deal, Bill Schutz for the buyer and John Pierce for the seller, the price is $350K cash.

That is well below the price paid by Disney to get the expanded-band 1650 kHz facility from Epperson in a deal filed in 2002 – that one, which included WHKT’s standard-band partner WPMH-AM 1010 kHz, went down for $1.075M.

Disney LMA’d WPMH back to C-PB back at the time; it successfully applied for extended life (it was to be shuttered back in 2006); and C-PB is still said to be operating it under new calls WRJR-AM.

C-PB also owns WLES-AM Bon Air VA, WPMH-AM Claremont VA and WTJZ-AM Newport News VA.

Disney sold off KQAM-AM in the Wichita market for $350K and just filed to sell WMNE-AM in the West Palm Beach market for $500K.

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