Tieline Releases SIP Option in Report-IT Enterprise

Audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has released a new version of Report-IT Enterprise v3.5.xx, which supports streaming live, studio quality audio to all N/ACIP 3326 compliant codecs in SIP mode.
New and existing customers can access SIP functionality via a simple Tieserver subscription upgrade. After purchasing SIP for Report-IT Enterprise, users can connect to all Tieline and non-Tieline SIP codecs. In SIP mode, Report-IT Enterprise can stream low latency live audio using widely available algorithms including Opus Mono, Opus Voice, G.711 and G.722.
“SIP for Report-IT Enterprise expands the streaming options available for mobile journalism applications,” said Will McLean, CEO for the Tieline Group of Companies. “Our customers can now use Report-IT’s innovative management and IP streaming features to connect to both Tieline and non-Tieline SIP codecs.”
With Report-IT Enterprise users are able to do the following tasks:
  • Simultaneously record up to 20 kHz audio quality and stream up to 15 kHz quality live audio.
  • Prerecord and trim interviews, build playlists and insert recordings as “wraparounds” in live broadcasts.
  • File reports via FTP automatically using WAV or AAC-LC file formats.
In SIP mode Report-IT Enterprise supports the use of SIP accounts, proxies, IPv6, multiple STUN servers, ICE and TURN.
SIP for Report-IT Enterprise is available in iOS and Android apps and also supports Caller ID and Line Hunt features recently added to Tieline G5 codecs.