Time to think differently


In your very good article on saving radio you suggest a lot of "changing thinking ideas." Some of our thinking is so habitual that even visionaries like you don’t realize the subtle impact. Let me suggest that we are in showbusiness. Our entertainment value always requires improvement. Therefore when an "air talent ends their shift…" probably should be when "an air talent ends their show…"  A shift is at the 7-11 or Ford Factory.  You’re not alone. Everybody says "shift." But to put us on the path of right thinking, it’s a show! Thanks for the good article.

Walter Sabo


Carnegie observation: 
Once any on air talent ends their shift have them get on the phone and do at least one interview a day and at least post the interview in mp3 format, and promo it on the air. Important: do not bury it on your website. Give the interviews a high rotation treatment.