Time Warner Cable launches Enhanced iTV


Time Warner CableTime Warner Cable Media, the ad sales division of Time Warner Cable, unveiled Enhanced iTV, a new offering that allows viewers to interact with targeted ads in more ways than before—which was soliciting consumer engagement, driving  programming choices and delivering branded video experiences.

With Enhanced iTV, they now have the added ability to deliver a targeted message based upon the time of day. Advertisers can also maximize the impact of their message by reaching demographically targeted audiences on a variety of networks. Time Warner Cable Media will continue to enrich its iTV analytics with the Enhanced iTV offering by delivering detailed reporting based upon each advertiser’s media schedule.

Enhanced iTV is available in existing iTV markets including New York City, Charlotte and Cincinnati.

The Ohio Lottery recently turned to iTV to gather data on consumer knowledge of their lottery games and to raise awareness of three different games, especially among a younger audience. Time Warner Cable Media worked with the Lottery in the creation of overlay messaging and running a media schedule targeted at younger-skewing networks and high-profile shows.

Charlotte-based Brownlee Jewelers recently launched an iTV campaign offering to buy consumer gold through overlays on their ads. The strategy drove a 150% increase in in-store gold transactions and significantly upped revenue.

iTV, initially launched in 2005, connects businesses with viewers through real time engagement on their television screens, providing a richer, more engaging experience and the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s becoming more obvious why Canoe is shuttering its interactive TV advertising operations. The MSOs were already ahead of the curve, offering iTV ad solutions themselves and not worrying about standardization—which was what Canoe was trying for. Also, the national footprint for Canoe of 25 million homes was not enough to command standardization.