Time Warner Cable moves to rename NY1


Time Warner CableMarket research has shown that viewers are not aware that NY1, O&O’d by Time Warner Cable, airs there exclusively in the NYC DMA. So, there’s a move afoot to rename the channel to reinforce the fact if subscribers change to Verizon or satellite, they lose New York News 1.

Top brass at Time Warner want you to know that they own NY1 — and when consumers switch to a rival like Verizon they will lose the news channel. To hammer home that point, NY1 will undergo a “rebranding” and name change to TWC News, reports The NY Daily News.

A Time Warner source said company brass is mulling how to keep the NY1 name as part of the brand but no final decision has been made on the channel’s new name.

The channel — and 20 similar local news stations around the nation — all available only on Time Warner Cable, will also receive an extensive makeover, including new logos, graphics and theme music.

“Our news outlets have grown tremendously in recent years,” Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Amy Summers said in a prepared statement. “Our research shows that people who watch our stations, such as NY1, are loyal viewers, yet most people don’t understand their connection to Time Warner Cable. It is for these two reasons that we’re embarking upon a rebranding project that will take the better part of a year.”

See the NY Daily News story here


  1. this is a funny story. I live in White Plains, where on my Optimum (cablevision) we have channel 12, which is the local news channel. It’s called NEWS 12. Everyone knows, that if go to Verizon we lose Channel 12 – because they tell us that we will. With all due respect to TWC, the branding of NY1 to TWC News really doesn’t solve the problem. NY1 is famous – it’s in movies, TV shows, and guess what? Everyone puts it on to see what the temperature is in NYC when they first get up. Yes, it’s on their bug. I get it, new is good and you need a connection to TWC, but really. Why don’t they just say NY1 is an EXCLUSIVE SERVICE of Time Warner Cable? Over and over again. I wonder what channel TWC News will be on? OH, it’s on Channel 1, well there you go, now no one will find it. But hey, it’s only marketing. dd

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