Time Warner regionalizing local news channels


Cable systems under the Time Warner banner in several New York markets will now go by the same name, a move which permits sharing of graphics and other resources and acknowledges the fact that they are increasingly sharing content. In fact, systems in Austin TX are also going to start going by the name Your News Now.

TW believes that bringing the three New York markets together will make it easier to sell statewide advertising flights. And it will certainly enable more story sharing, since reporters in all of the markets will be identifying themselves with the same brand when they complete an item.

Cable systems in the New York City market are not part of the move. The DMAs that are affected are Albany, Rochester and Syracuse, and other areas, according to the New York Times. TW says that while the New York City channel is supporting itself, the others are still working toward turning a profit, and it is continuing to add such offerings. Its most recent introductions have been Buffalo and the Hudson Valley.

RBR-TVBR observation: If we were broadcasters in the affected New York markets, we would never let local citizens forget that only some of TW’s “local” news is in fact local. Of course, the ability to pull off that stunt convincingly requires that your television station’s news IS in fact a shining beacon of localism.