Tisch keeps buying Saga stock


Daniel Tisch has never been willing to comment publicly on why he is interested in buying shares of Saga Communications. But buy he does.

According to his most recent SEC filing, Tisch’s Towerview LLC bought 1,300 more shares on Tuesday, January 19th, at prices of $11.45-11.90. Tisch has now checked the box to indicate that he owns 10% or more of the company’s Class A stock. That’s now a total of 490,000 Saga shares that he owns.

While Tisch is a big shareholder, Saga CEO Ed Christian still holds voting control by virtue of his super-voting Class B shares.

RBR-TVBR observation: Perhaps we should just assume the obvious: Tisch thinks the Saga management team is doing a good job and the stock is a good investment. He started buying when the price was a lot lower and, apparently, still thinks it is a good buy.