TiVo Expands Its TV Viewership Product


TiVo Corporation, known for both its entertainment technology and audience insights, is expanding its TV Viewership Data product to include optional Kantar ad occurrences and Drawbridge’s Identity Graph.

This, says TiVo, “enables customers to supplement anonymous household viewership data with additional insights around demographics, and consumer preferences and behaviors, providing contextual audience insights.”

The Kantar ad data, TiVo adds, enables customers to now know both the programming viewership as well as the advertising viewership across millions of U.S. households.

The Drawbridge Identity Graph enables customers to link viewership data with associated mobile ad identifiers, extending the reach and measurement of advertisements and marketing across pay-tv, OTT, and digital platforms.

“Household-level TV data is becoming more attractive as the advertising and media industry looks to connect consumer touchpoints across screens, platforms, and campaigns across the TV ecosystem,” said TiVo’s VP of AMA business development and data product management, Ben Maughan. “TiVo’s unique TV Viewership Data has been a leading innovator in the space and is constantly evolving into a more robust offering.”

Vik Sharma, SVP for Media and Tech at Kantar, added, “Marketers rely on Kantar’s industry-leading ad intelligence data to track competitive activity in their sector. By connecting with TiVo TV viewership data, we can truly give our customers a holistic view of what messages consumers are receiving. We’re excited to continue providing clients with ad exposure data on a set-top box level through our multi-year partnership with TiVo.”

For Jon DeGennaro, VP of Enterprise Partnerships at Drawbridge, “TV’s power as an awareness channel is clear, but it’s long been missing the competent of identity. There’s no reason why TV can’t be as targetable and measurable as other platforms, and give marketers the ability to reach and report on viewership, engagement, and conversion across the entire cross-channel consumer journey. Bringing identity to TV does just that. We’re excited to be partnering with TiVo to enable these crucial tools.”