TiVo Integration Gives Neustar Added Fuel On TV Ad Effectiveness


Brand marketers more than ever desire precision in TV measurement, in order to develop and executive the best media buying and planning strategies.

A new collaboration between Neustar and TiVo aims to bring these marketers a more complete look at where the most effective ads appear, so they may allocate their marketing dollars accordingly.

The pact between Neustar, a provider of real-time information services focused on “customer identity” and marketing analytics, and TiVo Corporation sees Neustar gain access to TiVo’s TV viewership data, which reaches across all 210 DMAs.

The data will be incorporated into Neustar’s Multi-Touch Attribution and Unified Marketing Analytics platforms.

“As the world of television is rapidly changing, it’s essential that we not only bring transparency to TV meas-urement but also help to build a different standard for it,” Neustar VP/GM of Marketing Solutions Michael Schoen said. “With TiVo’s data, we are able to better provide granular TV insight that enables us to help our clients make better decisions about where to allocate their next marketing dollar.”

The inclusion of TiVo’s “deterministic, TV exposure data” from both its own set-top boxes (STB) and third parties gives advertisers the ability to compare the efficacy of both TV and digital investments together, to make more insightful budgeting decisions.

“With this data integration, advertisers now can gain insight into the effectiveness of ad exposures including delayed viewing, along with general audience viewing behavior,” Neustar said in a Thursday announcement. “Ultimately, advertisers are able to ascertain what drove greater ROI by measuring across networks, daypart, programs and creatives.”

Neustar is not competing against Comscore or Nielsen in delivering ratings. However, it does give marketers and media key insights into where a CMO should put their media dollars.

“For example, an automotive advertiser could analyze whether exposure to a TV commercial resulted in incremental foot traffic to its dealership,” Neustar notes. “In doing so, advertisers will have a much better understanding of their media mix performance and can pinpoint exactly which combinations of TV and digital resulted in the most desired outcome.”