TiVo launches Power||Watch with Starcom


Starcom USA and TiVo announced Starcom is the first media agency to partner with the firm on Power||Watch Consumer Panel, a new offering from TiVo which provides access to demographic and viewing behavior data for 20,000 households who volunteer to take part in the panel. Because these subscribers have opted in, TiVo can associate household data with the viewership data, and be able to produce program and commercial viewership reports which can be looked at by aggregate demographic and behavioral audience groups. 

With the roll-out of the panel, TiVo’s Stop||Watch ratings service subscribers can  purchase custom segmentations to look at TV viewing based on how consumers have responded to their proprietary questions.

The panel will also include measures such as number of TiVo’s in a household, tenure of TiVo subscriber, broadband versus dial-up connectivity as well as signal type ranging from analog cable, digital cable, satellite or over-the-air.

Starcom was also the first agency network to sign-up for Stop||Watch, a second-by-second program and commercial ratings research service.