TiVo signs Carat


A day after signing NBCU, TiVo announced it has signed Carat to a comprehensive audience research agreement. Carat will utilize TiVo’s research services to help its clients better understand the most urgent issue facing advertisers today-the impact of DVRs on viewing behavior and especially fast-forwarding of commercials. In addition to access to DVR viewing behavior, TiVo and Carat will also work together to educate Carat clients on ways to reach the fast forwarding viewer, leveraging TiVo ad solutions.

As part of the deal, Carat can utilize the TiVo Stop||Watch ratings service to access an anonymous sample of 20,000 TiVo households to research and analyze viewer behavior on a second-by-second basis. As a Stop||Watch subscriber, Carat also will have access to TiVo’s newest research offering, the Power||Watch Consumer Panel. Power||Watch provide access to demographic and viewing behavior data wirh program and commercial ratings reports sorted by standard aggregate demographic dimensions, and also affords the opportunity for clients to survey the Panelists to create custom segments for their brand.