TiVo survey finds excitement over scripted cop shows


We’ve heard the pitches from the networks, but what are viewers excited about for the soon-to-begin 2010-2011 television season? TiVo commissioned a poll to find out.

The survey found that people are most eagerly anticipating the season’s crop of scripted suspense series and comedies. On the flip side, perhaps Snooki and “Real Housewives” fatigue is starting to set in as the public is growing tired of reality TV – 40% consider it the most “overdone” TV genre. With suspenseful procedurals like “NCIS,” “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” and “Hawaii Five-0” topping the list of most anticipated new and returning TV series, it’s no wonder that viewers say that suspense genre is their favorite.

The poll also found the following about what people will be watching this fall:

–27% of viewers enjoy the suspense genre the most, followed by comedy (22%)

–40% voted reality TV as the TV theme most overdone, followed by vampires and supernatural (22%)

–The most anticipated new series are “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (27%), “Hawaii Five-0” (23%), “Undercovers” (13%) and “The Event” (13%)

–The most anticipated returning series are “NCIS” (24%), “House” (21%), and “The Office” (15%)

–TiVo found that almost one-third of Americans watch webisodes that accompany their favorite TV shows

–Also, viewers most commonly find new shows based on similarity to shows they already watch

“The way we enjoy entertainment has undergone a dramatic shift. People want to discover not only new TV shows, but also all the entertainment the Web has to offer,” said Tony Lee, Vice President of Marketing at TiVo.

Of course, being a marketing guy, he’s pitching “TiVo Premier” as the way to “get the most out of this fall TV season, whether it’s catching up on a series you missed last season, learning more about the original series of shows like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ or ‘V,’ or finding the new show to fill your ‘Lost’ withdrawals.” OK, enough with the commercial pitch.