TM Studios unveils “The Production Artist”


TM Studios3TM Studios, a division of WestwoodOne, announced “a harmonic partnership”  with Elias Arts, the most awarded broadcast music company in history.  TM and Elias Arts are rolling out the introduction of a one-of-a-kind production music library known as The Production Artist.  This library, renowned in entertainment media, is new to radio.  The content has only previously been available for network TV, film, and national agencies.

“We named it The Production Artist because the exceptional music supports producers in maximizing their personal expressions and creative energies with extraordinary variety and inventiveness,” says Jim Long, Chairman of Elias Music Library.  “The Production Artist will inspire producers to construct distinctive solutions that will satisfy the highest creative standards in radio production.”

The Production Artist sound design library features thousands of cuts, multiple cut-downs and versions, plus all the individual “stems,” so the producer’s creativity, ideation, and execution is truly limitless. The library updates with a hundred new cuts and thousands of new files every quarter, keeping the sounds fresh, innovative, and contemporary.

Says Greg Clancy, VP Creative/GM, TM Studios: “I can’t overstate the creativity of the content of this library.  Every track sounds like something you would hear on network TV.  TM wanted to help turn radio’s weak spot–commercial breaks–into its sweet spot, and that’s what this library does.  Elias has worked with hundreds of national brands, from Acura, Lexus, and Mercedes to McDonalds, Adidas, and Intel, and now its bank of amazing music is available to the people who need it most, radio producers.”