TNN making a comeback


After a run of 17 years, The Nashville Network (TNN) abandoned its Country Music roots in 2000 and Viacom eventually morphed it into Spike. But TNN is coming back later this year – as a digital broadcast channel, rather than a cable outlet.

Radio and TV hosts Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase have teamed with Luken Communications and Jim Owens Entertainment to acquire the rights to the brand The Nashville Network and re-launch TNN in late Summer 2012.

The Nashville Network will be a sister network to Luken Communications’ Retro Television (RTV), My Family TV, TUFF TV, PBJ, MyCarTV and Frost Great Outdoors.


  1. TNN is back as a digital subchannel? This must be what Luken had mentioned at the convention in Vegas.

  2. Will TNN be offered on cable and also will there ever be another show like Club Dance. That was my favorite show on TNN in the ’90’s

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