To be in Beeville or not to be in Beeville


And the answer to the question from Shaffer Communications Group is not to be in Beeville, while Texkan Communications has decided to go for it.

The object of the question is KRXB-FM, which Shaffer is selling and Texkan is buying.

The station is a Class A on 107.1 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 337’, serving unrated territory to the northwest of Corpus Christi.

Joseph W. Shaffer is the principal of the seller; the buyer is headed by Bruce F. and Garrett K. Harper.

The price is both modest and 75% backloaded. Texkan will come up with $10K of the $40K value in cash at closing and pay the remaining $30K over three years via seller paper.

It will be the only station in the Texkan portfolio.

Shaffer, meanwhile, has a pair of low power television stations in two decent-sized Texas media markets: KTDF-LP San Antonio and KADF-LP Austin.