Toledo Soft-Rocker goes local with Crystal Bowersox (video)


WRVF-FM, Clear Channel’s 101.5 MHz Soft Rock station in Toledo OH was putting together material on local favorite Crystal Bowersox, the much-ballyhooed singer on Fox’s American Idol, when it came across a YouTube video that nobody there had seen before.

According to an MTV report, Bowersox is from nearby Elliston OH, which inspired the station to hit the internet to assemble a collection of YouTube videos of her Idol performances. That’s when it came across a homegrown video – an acoustic, folky song called “Holy Toledo.” It pulled audio of the song off of the video and has put it on the station’s playlist. It’s airing the tune about 15 times weekly.

As far as anyone at WRVF knows, no other stations have picked up the tune. But according to USA Today, the airplay from WRVF alone has charted Bowersox on an American Idol airplay chart, putting her at #90.

RBR-TVBR observation: There are thousands of little things a station can do to emphasize its roots and superserve its local listeners. WRVF just found another one.