Toledo talker and Clear Channel part ways


Controversial libertarian talker host Brian Wilson is no longer a voice on WSPD-AM, announcing 11/13 that he had “parted ways” with Clear Channel. Details on his departure were not available, according to the Toledo Blade story. He was PD and PM drive host for more than seven years, and news director for the last three years on the heritage Conservative talk station.

He posted the announcement on his Facebook account: “I am glad to have had the opportunity to preach the gospel of freedom and liberty to Northwest Ohio. Wish I had the chance on the air to say thank you and good-bye to my listeners. I will continue to make every effort to spread the message of free markets and liberty.”

Andy Stuart, WSPD’s vice president and regional market manager, told the paper that WSPD will “put together a patchwork lists of local and national substitute hosts” until a new permanent host is forum.

The Blade story said Wilson leaves behind a legacy of controversy thanks to his acerbic tone, a perceived negativity toward Toledo, and at least one stunt that featured him trying to force his way into a news conference by pushing through a door barred by a city employee.

However, RBR-TVBR sources say what actually a serious situation. The mayor’s office prevented credentialed news personnel from WSPD — and only WSPD — from covering stories concerning city services after a major flood.  The news director at the time filed suit and won against the city for violating first amendment rights.

“WSPD will not be hard-pressed to find someone who has a better wit, greater charm, and a far deeper knowledge base than Brian Wilson had,” former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner (whom Wilson referred to as Mayor Pant-Load), told the paper. “He was one of the most boring talk show hosts I ever had the opportunity to briefly listen to.”

Wilson came under fire last year when he used the term “little monkeys” in reference to Toledo Public Schools students, and for a radio host who relied on local support for his show, he seemed to have contempt for area residents, said The Blade.

However, our source close to Wilson tells us the so-called “little monkeys” comment has been taken out of context by The Blade.  The Toledo Free Press article on the issue published the quote in its entirety — it does not refer to Toledo students as “little monkeys”.

“I have never seen — and I’ve said this in public, on air, and in print — an accumulation of ignorance among a group of people centered in one geographical area until I came to Toledo. It’s astounding, absolutely astounding,” he told a Law and Media seminar of attorneys and journalists hosted by the Ohio State Bar Association in Columbus last year.

It is unclear what Wilson will do next. He is founder of Vacation Relief Inc., which fills in for other radio hosts when they are on vacation. He said in his bio at that he has worked in radio for 40 years in such cities as New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Baltimore, and Washington.

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