Tom Huth Estate Sells Golden State AM, FM Translator


The estate of Tom F. Huth, under the direction of executor Dwilynda Huth, has sold a presently silent AM radio station with an FM translator tied to it that serve a city due north of Sacramento and to the south of Chico, Calif.


The properties are KMYC-AM 1410 in Marysville, Calif. and FM translator K245AU at 104.3 MHz.

The buyer is E.E. Friesen, who is paying $50,000 for the facilities.

For the transaction to close, resumption of broadcasts is necessary no later than July 20, 2021. A STA allowing them to go silent was authorized on October 2, 2020.

KMYC’s license renewal deadline is August 2, 2021.

Friesen will assume control of KMYC and the FM translator ahead of closing via a Time Brokerage Agreement.

KMYC is licensed for 5kw daytime/1kw nighttime from 2 towers.