Tom Leykis returns, online


Former LA radio shock jock Tom Leykis returns Monday, 4/2 at 3PM PT –this time uncut and uncensored — with a daily show for on the internet at After 21 years of outraging SoCal afternoon drivers (the last was on CBS Radio’s KLSX-FM before it became CHR Amp FM), Leykis left the air in 2009.

He’s been off the air this long because he signed a five-year guaranteed contract to provide his daily show and any potential streams or podcasts exclusively to CBS. The result was that, when KLSX changed format, Leykis was paid his full salary to do absolutely nothing from 2009 until March 31st 2012.

This time, he’ll be heard live and on 24/7 streamed replays at as well as through media players such as the TuneIn application for Android phones and iPhones, but not on the radio.

“What I found,” says Leykis, “was that, unlike radio, we start with a clean balance sheet and that we can produce the same or better content without real estate, without big, expensive and outdated equipment such as transmitters and satellite dishes, and without government regulation. We can be heard anywhere in the world rather than in select radio markets. We can produce technically better-sounding audio content more cheaply and we don’t have limitations as to content or what kinds or advertising we can accept. And we don’t have to answer to the FCC.”


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