Tomahawk FM Changing Noncom Hands


SoldAn FM station destined to serve rural Wisconsin will pack a little punch, but the impetus will be supplied by a new licensee.

The station is WGBT-FM Tomahawk WI.

The seller is Tomahawk Light Broadcasting Inc., headed by President Raymond H. Drewieck.

The buyer is Radio Internationale, headed by President Everet W. Witzel.

The deal does not involve a compensation package it’s a transfer from one nonprofit to another for no consideration.

WGBT-FM is a Class C3 on 91.3 MHz with 22 kW @ 82’.

According to the FCC, the station is currently silent. When it makes it on air, it will serve unrated territory in the northern portion of the state.


  1. The buyer is Radio 74 Internationale not Radio Internationale. It’s a Christian broadcaster and a France based company. Their American stations have almost no personell and are almost always 24/7 satellite fed.

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