Tony Kornheiser in hot water again


Less than a month after being suspended from ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” for comments about a fellow host at the cable channel, Tony Kornheiser is under attack for some other comments made on his WTEM-AM Washington, DC local radio show. This time he’s being denounced by famed bicycle racer Lance Armstrong.

On his March 11th show Kornheiser was complaining about new bike lanes being painted on streets in DC. In his rant, he not only said that streets are for cars, not bikes, but also mocked the attire of bikers.

“They’re all, my God, with the little water bottle in the back and the stupid hats and their shiny shorts. They are the same disgusting poseurs that in the middle of a snowstorm come out with cross-country skiing on your block,” Kornheiser said, then adding “Run ’em down.”

While Armstrong wasn’t listening to the radio in Washington at the time, the audio was posted on the Internet and prompted him to deliver this Tweet to his 2.4 million Twitter followers:

“Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.”

Kornheiser did later in the broadcast back down from suggesting that motorists should mow down bicycles. “So you tap them. I’m not saying kill them.”