Top 10 market ratings snapshots


Clark-SmidtHere, from Broadcast Connector Clark Smidt, is a down and dirty look at Nielsen Audio results for America’s top media markets. Something to tide you over for the holidays.
Top 10 market ratings snapshots

By Clark Smidt, Broadcast Connector
Kringle results are out and most Santa Stations were good little boys & girls. Based on Nielsen subscribers 6+ Oct/Nov/Dec, the 13th book of the year has interesting headlines with iHeart grabbing the most All Ho Ho, All the Time:

And, unfortunately, a shot of coal for Nielsen. In the top 10 markets we have a basis of comparison from 348 subscribing stations. No way to compare the other 273, even in most basic 6+ Mon/Sun 6a-12mid terms. 56% sure wouldn’t get you out of high school. This could be a most welcome and beneficial New Year’s Radio Resolution.

1. NEW YORK, NY. An iHeart Christmas as A/C WLTW regains top slot, lords a leaping 5.4-5.6-7.7 and a 5.44 million cume that’s 906k over anyone else’s rooftops. Classic Hits WCBS/FM a steady and solid 2nd. All other monthly fluctuations are within just a 0.4 swing, up or down. Cluster totals: iHeart 26.8, CBS 24.4, Emmis 8.5.

2. LOS ANGLES, CA. iHeart again, with an Xmas 1.8 gain, 4.1-5.2-7.0 and top cume by roughly 92k. All else is merry & bright with swings within the 0.5 range; the toughest hit was Classic Rock KSWD losing momentum -0.5. iHeart 26.2, CBS 19.4, Univision 8.9.

3. CHICAGO, IL. A big iHeart stocking for Hot A/C WLIT/FM, jumping 4.0, 3.8-3.7-7.7. Urban A/C WVAZ advanced 1.4 while Regional Mexican holiday taco went the other way, off 1.4. All other share swings within 0.6. iHeart 25.5, CBS 21.2, Hubbard 10.2.

4. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Mr. Kringle got a Kiss but News prevails with KCBS/KFRC tops with a 5.3-5.7-6.3 gain and 3rd place going to NPR KQED 4.9-4.5-5.8. The KOIT Christmas took 2nd on a 1.3 gift and #1 cume by 672k. Giant coal after they won the Worlds Series as, KNBR fouls out with a 5.2 downer, 8.6-8.9-3.7. iHeart 19.3, CBS 15.3, Cumulus 13.3, Entercom 12.8.

5. DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX. Not in the spirit as #1 CHR KHKS slips 7.0-7.5-6.8 but 1.8 ahead of the pack and #1 cume by some 425k. Classic Hits KLUV got the best present 3.9-4.0-5.0. 0.7 was the swing range for the rest of the reindeer games. iHeart 21.6, Cumulus 17.2, CBS 17.1.

6. HOUSTON, TX. Another iHeart HoHo as Soft A/C KODA ups 2.1, 6.2-7.1-9.2, and leads by a 2.8 share and 1.236 million cume. All other gains under .05 and losses .08 or less, not more. iHeart 24.1, Radio One 14.6, CBS 13.6, Cox 12.3.

7. WASHINGTON, D.C. Yep, another iHeart Holiday jump A/C WASH 4.6-4.8-8.6 for a 3.6 share and 270k cume lead over the #2s. News/Talk WAMU gained 0.8, losses were led by CHR WIHT 1.1. iHeart 25.7, CBS 13.0, Radio One 10.2.

8. PHILADELPHIA, PA. A break in the iHeart action as Jerry Lee does the “dash away all” up 7.1-6.5-8.5 to lead the sleigh by a 2.1 share and 428k cume. Credit Rhythmic Oldies WPHI doubling its share 1.9-1.9-3.8. Losses were .07 or less and likely at the expense of co-wned R&B Oldies WRNB. Newly aligned cluster shares with CBS trading up with Beasley: CBS 24.9, iHeart 22.0, Greater Media 15.0.

9. ATLANTA, GA. Looks like business as usual as Urban WVEE gains a modest best gain of 7.1-7.8-8.1 to hold top share. Meanwhile, Cox A/C WSB 6.6-5.6-6.0 ties for 3rd and skips to #1 cume, ahead of the rest by 244k. Most coal was a 1.0 dip. Cox 24.9, iHeart 14.0, Radio One 13.2, Cumulus 12.3.

10. BOSTON, MA. Proving Christmas is magic, WMJX celebrates a 3.4 jump, 5.8-5.7-9.1 and top cume by some 149k. The big dip came from folks not wanting to talk holidaze as WRKO fell 1.1, 3.5-3.3-2.2. Other swings all within 0.7. Greater Media 27.3, CBS 22.2, iHeart 11.9, Entercom 9.3.

But, wait! There’s more! Coming soon to RBR. A Very Merry Christmas and All December Holidays to you and yours.

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