Top 40 Nielsen observations


Clark-SmidtIt’s final exam week for radio.  The spring book is out, we’re at the end of 2Q and here comes summer.  Did you make honor roll or end up on double secret probation?  Does your cluster have teamwork or turrets?   

Last week, at the New Jersey Broadcasters convention in Atlantic City I had a follow up conversation with Nielsen SVP Farshad Family.  The strength of the Nielsen brand now including Audio Delivery is extremely beneficial.  What might also add to radio’s impact:  1) List the broad 6a-12m Mon/Sun 6+ or 12+ share for all stations in all markets.  Compare apples to apples to inspire more sponsors to jump back on radio’s bandwagon and more stations subscribe to Nielsen for the total package.  IMHO, listing markets with results for only a couple of competitors doesn’t show credibility for comparison.   2)  Package zip code runs for smaller stations.  Even without full metro signals, every station has a story about their audience and another reason to buy radio.  3). Naturally, the old rules still apply:  Non-subscribers can’t sell the numbers (same as when the complete Arbitron books were easily accessible).  These suggestions just might brighten the spotlight on radio while adding reach and results to deliver more business, more ways, more often.

Observations from the Top 40 Nielsen Markets include trends, market tastes, cluster coordination, holes and overkill for “Formats: Hot & Not.”  Is there any new programming to rescue big signals?  Who’s making best use of Class A’s, AMs, HD and rim shots?  Are listeners too young or too old to listen, spend and vote?  And, maybe “less is more” when it comes to profit and size as medium and small markets are reporting more success than some of the majors.

It’s a real horse race!  Here’s how card lights up Win, Place and Show (first, second, third) in the Top 40 markets:

Format                         Win                          Place                     Show                 total

Country                  4                              11                                     2                             17

Classic Hits            5                                 5                                    5                             15

A/C                           5                               3                                     3                               11

CHR                          5                                2                                     4                              11

News / Talk            5                              3                                     2                              10

Hot A/C                   1                              2                                      6                               9

Urban A/C                3                             1                                    4                               8

Spanish                   5                                 2                                   1                                8

Soft A/C                   1                               5                                                                     6

Adult Hits               1                               2                                     1                                5

Urban Cont.           2                                                                      2                                4

Classic Rock         2                               2                                                                         4

Public                                                        1                                      3                                 4

Rock                                                                                                   3                                 3

Rym/CHR                                                 1                                      1                                2

Christian                 1                                                                          1                                2

Market Cluster Leaders                                 Win                        Place                     Show       total

CCU-E                                                               20                                 7                                4                         31

CBS                                                                          6                               12                              5                         23

CMLS                                                                   1                                   2                                6                        9

RADIO ONE                                                                                          3                                  3                        6

ENTERCOM                                                   2                                    1                                  3                         6

COX                                                                    3                                   2                                 1                     6

UNIVISION                                                                                           1                                  3                        4

HUBBARD                                                                                          3                                      1                        4

EMMIS                                                           2                                                                           1                         3

LINCOLN                                                                                              1                                    1                        2

GREATER MEDIA                                        1                                     1                                                            2

SBS                                                                  1                                                                          1                         2

WILKS                                                                                                                                         2                       2

One 2nd Place station each for:  Beasley, Bonneville, Journal, Local Media

One 3rd Show station each for:  Digity, Broadway, Steele City, Alpha, Lotus.

Stimulated by RAB, stations are starting to re-tell the radio story about firmly holding the #2 media position, only behind television!  The merger of radio & TV synergy is also catching on.  Radio is THE long lasting ORIGINAL – wireless, everywhere and free.  Our stations deliver compelling content through new, multiple channels.  Audio Delivery now reaches listeners through multiple channels.  If the content is good, it attracts audience and advertisers.  And, while digital adds video, “bad movies” close quickly while the great ones win Oscars and break box office records.

Multiple small, no-cost decisions add up to sustained, profitable winners!  Just remember, as you crack the whip and race down the stretch:  Make it count because the two most dangerous words in broadcasting are “So What?”

–Broadcast Advisor Clark Smidt, based in Boston since ’70, connects media with business, making best use of all available resources and synergy.

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