Top radio, TV, cable advertisers in 2011 tallied


Media Monitors released final figures in the markets they cover for 2011 for radio, TV and cable. The #1 radio advertiser was once again GEICO with 2,236,161 spots. The Home Depot stood ground at #2 with 2,125,195 ads, while McDonald’s #3 again, running 1,352,711 spots. Wal-Mart moved from #7 in 2010 up to #4 last year with 1,074,462 spots. Slightly out of the million spot club last year was AutoZone with 941,407 spots landing in #5. New to the top 10 this time, State Farm, soared from #25 in 2010 up to #6 last year clearing 856,845 commercials. The HD Digital Radio Alliance was down from #5 to #7 with 824,998 spots, while Verizon was off from #4 down to #8 with 790,439 ads. Lowe’s made big strides from #21 in 2010 up to #9 in 2011 running 755,221 ads urging their customers to “build something together.” Netflix moved from #19 to #10 with 735,917 spots.

In TV, the #1 advertiser was ABC clearing 890,765 spots, while NBC was#2 with 876,042 spots. Ford Lincoln Mercury was #3 with 763,429 ads and CBS TV was #4 with 714,180 ads. McDonald’s was #5 and dominated TV in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category running 711,042 spots for 2011. Toyota was in at #6 airing 582,000 commercials, while The CW N was #7 with 530,031 spots. Verizon was #8 with 494,877 spots and Chrysler Jeep Dodge leaped from #14 in 2010 to #9 in 2011 with 490,300 commercials. Coming in #10 on TV was FOX with 479,386 spots.

In cable, the #1 advertiser was the Discovery Channel with 1,974,327 spots. A&E was #2 with 1,712,290 spots, while Lifetime was #3 with 1,616,875 spots in 2011. TNT was down from #1 in 2010 to #4 in 2011 with 1,527,321 ads and USA Network was #5 airing 1,392,231 spots. GEICO was #6 with 1,137,764 spots, while AT&T secured #7 with their 1,114,423 ads. Progressive Insurance moved from #12 in 2010 up to #8 in 2011 with 1,079,328 spots and ESPN scored #9 running 905,424 announcements. #10 was Ford Lincoln Mercury with 873,939 spots.

RBR-TVBR observation: The key to this focused break out is the comparison of all 3 sectors of the advertising dollars spent. This gives operators a cross reference to increasing business. Plus when you added a cross-tab of the consumer pattern then you build a marketing/sales strategy to add revenue.

RBR-TBR note: Look for an Improved web portal with a – Fresh – Reader Friendly Content Design – and a New ‘Information Bureau’ that will help every person in media today. The ‘Information Bureau’ will have key Consumer Retail data provided exclusively by our partners at BIGinsight with a focus on Consumers in Radio and TV/Cable.