Top television product placements of 2007


According to a client communication Nielsen just released from Nielsen Company’s product placement service Place*Views, in the April 24, 2007 episode of FOX’s "American Idol," 95% of the audience recognized Coca-Cola, and 75% of those viewers developed positive feelings toward the brand because of the placement, which resulted in an overall score of 71.3.

Those scores were high enough to earn Coca-Cola’s "American Idol" integration the top score among all broadcast network product placements last year. Among cable network television programs, The Home Depot earned the best product placement score of 2007 for their brand integration with the March 31, 2007 episode of TLC’s "Trading Spaces." The Home Depot brand was recognized by 98% of the audience and 79% of those viewers registered positive feelings, for an overall score of 77.4%.

Nielsen also analyzed the average number of brands featured in television programs. Brands featured on broadcast networks increased from an average of 7.6 brands per episode in 2006 to 8.5 in 2007. Meanwhile, cable networks saw a slightly smaller average increase from 17.4 brands per episode in 2006 to 18.4 brands per episode in 2007.