Top ten hot congressional districts


Congressional Quarterly has put out a new list of congressional battlegrounds, based not on tight polling but on how much cash the challenger has amassed since the end of the most recent reporting period, 9/30/08. Two are in Pennsylvania, with one each in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Texas and Washington. To see if your district is in congressional pay dirt territory, click the headline.

1. New York 20: Challenger Sandy Treadwell (R) has $5.4M to spend to unseat Kirsten Gillibrand (D) in a race said to lean Democratic.

2. Illinois 14: Former Speaker and now retired Dennis Hastert’s old territory. Jim Oberweiss (R) has raised $5M, but is said to have already spent most if it in a primary and special election, and is unlikely to defeat the winner of the special election, Bill Foster (D).

3. Georgia 13: Deborah Honeycutt (R) picked up $4.4M, but is expected to have a tough time defeating David Scott (D).

4. Washington 8: $3.2M has been raised by Darcy Burner (D) in a toss-up rematch with incumbent Dave Reichert (R).

5. Connecticut 4: In another toss-up and another hard Democratic push to replace Chris Shays (R), Jim Himes (D) has collected $2.9M.

6.Pennsylvania 10: Chris Hackett (R) has gained $2.7M in an uphill battle to Christopher Carney (D).

7. Texas 7: Incumbent John Culberson (R) is favored to hold his seat, despite the $2.7M banked by challenger Michael Skelly (D).

8. Pennsylvania 12: The $2.5M collected by William Russell (R) is not thought to be enough to retire House warhorse John P. Murtha (D).

9. Missouri 6: Challenger Kay Barnes (D) has raised $2.4M to get a shot at still-favored incumbent Sam Graves (R).

10. Florida 13: Incumbent Vern Buchanan (R) is ahead in a rematch with challenger Christine Jennings (D) despite her $2M in campaign contributions.