Toronto talker shut out of Facebook


The Toronto Sun reports Newstalk 1010 CFRB host Ryan Doyle has been booted off Facebook a couple days after he interviewed Playboy model Anissa Holmes – who originally brought her tale of woe to the paper after her Facebook pics were deemed ‘Too Hot for Facebook’.

Doyle, 32, who anchors the 7-10 p.m. Ryan Doyle Show on the station, interviewed Playboy model and former SUNshine Girl Anissa Holmes on air last Friday about her ordeal in getting turfed from the popular social networking site.

Holmes, whose story was first highlighted in the Toronto Sun, was booted from Facebook in August. She lost about 12,000 contacts associated with her personal profile and fan page.

Holmes confirmed she has filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada over Facebook’s refusal to grant her access to the hundreds of pictures she posted on the site, as well as Facebook’s apparent refusal to delete the pictures from its servers.

After his interview with Holmes, Doyle joked on air about how he might be next on Facebook’s chopping block because, like Holmes, he also uses the site to promote himself and his radio show. Doyle said he had about 650-700 friends on the site. 

Because one of Facebook’s terms of use is that users are barred from using their profile for their own commercial gain, Holmes wondered whether self-promotion was the reason she was booted.

On air, Doyle wondered aloud if his self-promotion would be his Facebook undoing.

“I use it for the radio show just as much, you know; I post videos,” Doyle said on the Friday broadcast. “Now that I’ve said that, my whole account will probably be shut down on Facebook and I’ll have this fight with everybody on Monday, which will be great because let’s see how much the media pays attention to a 32-year-old man in a hat, as opposed to a woman in a bikini.”

On Tuesday when Doyle tried to log on to his personal profile, he was greeted with a message notifying him his account had been disabled.

“It looks very coincidental to say the least,” Doyle said yesterday. “I joked about it on Friday night, and then Tuesday, I’m gone.”

The most disturbing part of the whole episode for Doyle is that Facebook officials haven’t explained their actions.