Toshiba to unveil first glasses-free 3D TV


Japanese electronics giant Toshiba plans to market the world’s first 3D television that does not need special glasses later this year, a report said on 8/24. Toshiba will unveil three models of the television which will cost several thousand dollars before Christmas, the Yomiuri Shimbun said. The company has developed a new system that emits a number of rays of light with various angles from the screen so that viewers can see stereoscopic images without glasses, the story said: “People can enjoy images in three dimensions from various positions and suffer less stress.”

Japan’s major electronics makers launched 3D television this year, but sales have not been as strong as expected while many customers have complained of being irritated by the glasses. RBR-TVBR Executive Editor Jack Messmer concurred from NAB Las Vegas this year: “3D television is about where Mobile DTV was a year ago – just beginning to be reality. We’re not expecting to see anyone shooting local news in 3D by the 2011 NAB Show, but the technology will roll out slowly, particularly for major sporting events. The cost of new receivers will be a drawback, since lots of consumers just shelled out for HDTV sets, but there will be early adopters who are not concerned about the price tag. The viewing glasses, however, are really obnoxious and a huge impediment to widespread adoption.”