Total Traffic Network enters Mexico City


We’ve all heard about how bad traffic in Mexico City can be. Now there’s a bit of data to help motorists, along with the standard traffic reports in the largest city in the world. Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network (TTN) will be offering new traffic info solutions to Mexico City’s local information/service providers. In association with Grupo Acir Radio in Mexico, TTN has built out the capability to deliver traffic incidents and flow data to support an array of RDS-TMC enabled devices and is supporting a mobile app on the country’s largest carrier.

Said Antonio Ibarra, Grupo Acir Radio EVP: “Marrying Grupo Acir’s on-the-ground traffic monitoring resources with TTN’s expertise in data sourcing, organization, preparation and delivery has enabled a powerful new solution that can help motorists solve the puzzle of Mexico City traffic.”

Total Traffic Network now serves more than 125 metros in four countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.