Tower Innovations responds to WSKY tower collapse story


As he promised in our story this week (10/9/07 TVBR #197), David Nicholson, Tower Innovations EVP/COO, has responded to claims made by WSKY-TV Norfolk President Glenn Holterhaus regarding the race for time the station is in getting its collapsed broadcast tower rebuilt.

Nicholson tells TVBR: "Upon reviewing the articles in the Television Business Report referencing WSKY, we at Tower Innovations (TI) are disappointed in the inaccuracy of the statements made to the press from the March 2nd event. TI is committed to resolving this complex legal issue and will only release the facts regarding this event. Following are defendable facts regarding the sequence of events from Tower Innovations for the WSKY project. 

— In the spring of 2006, TI was requested to provide a proposal to WSKY to design, manufacture and install a 1036 ft Guyed Tower at their site in South Mills, N.C.
— WSKY made the decision to proceed with TI in May 2006.
— AB Chance and their certified Installer, PCS Link, promoted a Helical Anchor System as a viable, less-costly alternative and WSKY made the economic decision to use this option.
— TI experienced initial project delays due to WSKY inability to make required payments.
— The helical anchor system was installed by PSC Link in October of 2006 under the direction of A.B. Chance.
— On March 2, 2007 the South Mills, N.C. regional area was under a 12-Hour Tornado Watch, as communicated by the National Weather Service and NOAA.
— No data is available as to the specific wind speed in the immediate vicinity of the WSKY Tower when it fell on March 2, 2007. The tower was currently stacked to the 700 ft elevation. During the early morning on March 2nd, one inner anchor failed by pulling out of the ground.
— The apparent cause of failure was the incorrect installation of the helical anchor system.  Due to a change made to the design during construction without the knowledge or authorization from TI. This decision was made by A.B. Chance and PCS Link.
— Numerous parties are involved in the resolution of this event.  Furthermore, lawsuits filed by TI against various parties include, A.B. Chance, PCS Link, and multiple insurance companies.
— TI’s insurance company has been the only party to provide financial support which is only a small portion of the financial liability. Neither A.B. Chance nor PCS Link’s insurance carriers have provided any financial support to date.
— TI has made every effort to resolve this issue and is proceeding accordingly, to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner, while minimizing future damages to all parties involved.
— TI has manufactured and shipped a replacement tower to WSKY and furthermore has provided the subcontractor, at no additional cost to WSKY, the equipment necessary to install the tower.

There has been continual communications between TI and WSKY to address a number of complex legal issues. TI stands behind our quality in tower manufacturing and engineering designs.  TI will continue to serve as a leader in the industry with over 3,500 towers in service today and we take much pride in our business. We will continue to support WSKY in their efforts to rebuild their tower."


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