Tower owner busted for lighting outage


A number of obstruction lights on a broadcast tower in Beaumont TX weren’t working when an FCC agent paid a visit. The end result is a $10K fine for the structure’s owner.

According to the agent, when inspected 11/28-29/11, the top and midpoint red obstruction lights and the ¾ side lights were not lit. The agent also made phone calls and determined that the FAA had not been informed about the outage.

The agent reached the tower’s owner, Martin Broadcasting, on 1/4/12. The owner said that other than information left by the agent in a voice mail, it was unaware of the outage, was not inspecting the tower on a daily basis and did not have automatic outage alarms installed.

The result for Martin is a $10K fine and reporting conditions, not the least of which is its pledge to remain in close contact with the FAA regarding the situation with the tower.