TownNews Extends its U.S. Use of Blackbird


A developer and seller of a global cloud video platform is getting a domestic boost from TownNews.

How so? TownNews is extending the adoption of Blackbird for the rapid production of digital news content.

It marks the third time in the last year TownNews has expanded its use of Blackbird.

TownNews has added an additional 14 TV stations that will use Blackbird, bringing the total to 39 stations in 24 states. The additional stations are owned by seven broadcast groups that provide premium local news content to viewers across the United States.

Blackbird enables TownNews’ partners to rapidly view, edit and publish video content regardless of location. When paired with the TownNews Field59 VMS, news stories can be delivered with Blackbird’s browser-based cloud video platform.

In June 2018 TownNews launched the combined solution into 17 Meredith Corp. locations across 11 states. In December 2018, they extended this further into three stations owned by Block Communications.

Local TV generates nearly $28 billion of revenue annually. The move to the consumption of digital news has been rapid, with 43% of U.S. adults now often sourcing news from websites and social media, according to Pew Research Center.