TRA launches Media TRAnalytics 3.0 with "StoryFinder" (audio)



TRA has unveiled the newest version of its patented business intelligence software, Media TRAnalytics 3.0. The enhanced solution features “StoryFinder,” which allows clients to quickly find and act on “stories” of which products and categories have the highest purchaser ratings in networks, local stations and programs. Some examples can be found here.

Here’s how it works–with a few clicks, advertisers and agencies can instantly develop strategic lists of the media outlets that attract their core audiences, as well as those that attract competitors’ best prospects. Similarly, networks and stations will be able to immediately define which purchaser targets their network or station delivers most effectively, as well as the targets best delivered by competitors. StoryFinder allows users to gain new, actionable insights to improve sales. 

David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer and President of CBS Vision, says CBS one of the stories TRA has found for them is that “The Good Wife” is highly rated among owners of high-end auto models. “This type of actionable data is helping the TV industry shift from Demographic Rating Points to Purchaser Rating Points, and marketers can now make TV advertising investments that directly target viewers’ buying behaviors.”

Media TRAnalytics’ web-based business intelligence software solution matches second-by-second TV tuning data from set-top boxes in 1.7 million households with 57 million households of CPG purchasing data. Mark Lieberman, Chairman and CEO of TRA, told RBR-TVBR more about what clients use the service and how the process works. Listen to the audio, above.