TracyLocke, LatinWorks launch branding effort for Texas Lottery


TracyLocke and LatinWorks have launched a new branding campaign this week for client Texas Lottery Commission, featuring a brand platform that will extend across the next 12 months and campaign elements that include television, radio, out-of-home, point-of-sale, online, print, and sponsorships and promotions with street teams. While TracyLocke developed and managed the general market strategy and advertising development, the agency partnered with LatinWorks, Austin, for development of ethnic advertising.

The campaign features small, lucky moments in the day of an average Texan, suggesting that any day could be a lucky day. It features a look into the days of different individuals when luck is on their side, with a contemporary soundtrack helping to set the tone of the initial TV spots.

Consumers will see these individuals experience small events that could potentially happen on any given day, prompting them to consider taking advantage of their good luck by purchasing a lottery ticket.

The first flight of TV advertising will launch the new campaign branding message, and will include two 30-second spots produced by TracyLocke for the general audience. The spots are:

    — Green Light: A driver’s lucky day begins when every traffic light turns green as she approaches each intersection.

    — Crowded Flight: A business traveler recognizes his lucky day when other travelers boarding the plane pass his row of seats, leaving him with three seats to himself on a full flight.

    Three additional 30-second spots were produced by LatinWorks for the Hispanic and African-American audiences. The spots are:

    — Gas: A driver’s lucky day occurs when he runs out of gas nearing the top of a hill, and his car has just enough momentum to crest the hill and glide directly into a gas station.

    — Splash: A pedestrian discovers her lucky day when standing on the curb in a group of people, and a passing car splashes through standing water and drenches everyone except her.

    — Basket: An average man slowly realizes that luck is on his side when he shoots a basketball and actually makes a basket, and then goes on to make a number of nearly impossible shots.

Following these initial TV spots, TracyLocke and LatinWorks will support holiday scratch-off tickets under the same campaign theme.