Trade pub leader on success


Eric RhoadsSuccess Magazine focuses on its title topic from a number of angles, and several of the angles were explored in a chat with Streamline Publishing CEO Eric Rhoads.

Among Streamline’s holdings are broadcast trade publications Radio Ink and Radio Television Business Report. The company also hosts a variety of broadcast events.

Rhoads believes that for the individual at the top of a business, too much focus can be a bad thing.

And the advice to avoid “chasing shiny objects,” too his way of thinking, can be bad advice.

“I love focus,” he said. “I think it’s an important element. But business coaches don’t always understand where the energy of an entrepreneur comes from. We thrive on ideas and turning ideas into businesses, and when we focus too much, we miss opportunities. To me, the shiny objects are the things that come from the salespeople and the customers. The salespeople are your best pipeline to information—though they can filter information with their own bias, you can learn to listen around it. We owe it to our business to explore every shiny object because one of them could make a huge difference in our success.”

Rhoads stressed the importance of delegation, and the need to trust the individuals that have taken on responsibility for important tasks.

Many of his other suggestions center on the concept of flexibility. Listen to your staff, listen to the market, don’t be afraid to change course, trust your gut, trust your staff – and don’t be afraid to overrule your staff.

The true focus, which will bring in all of the bells and whistles of success, are making great products for your customers. Rhoads concluded, “If you make it about changing people’s lives with better products or services, the perks will just happen.”

The full Success Magazine interview can be seen here.