Guel Wins Entry Into Wichita Falls


The wife of an individual branded as a serial translator applicant won’t have to worry about such allegations with this deal: A Class A serving a city to the northwest of Dallas is being sold to a corporation for which she is an officer and director. The deal includes a transmitter site lease.

Meanwhile, a Nebraska translator purchase will put the HD4 programming of a Class C1 Country giant on an FM frequency in a city that’s home to the Nebraska State Fair.

These are the deals under the spotlight in RBR + TVBR’s TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Feb. 16, 2016.

Wichita Falls, Texas

KZAM-FM 98.7 in Pleasant Valley, Texas, a Class A which serves the Wichita Falls, Tex., market, is being sold by South Texas FM Investments LLC to Mekaddesh Group Corp. in a deal valued at $122,000.

The buyer is making a $22,000 deposit for KZAM, with $50,000 cash being paid to the seller upon FCC approval of the assignment application. The remaining $50,000 will be paid at closing.

The acquisition price for KZAM sees $30,000 applied to equipment and $92,000 for the KZAM license.

As the tower site for KZAM is leased, Mekaddesh is assuming the $1700 monthly lease from South Texas FM.

There was no broker in this transaction.

Mekaddesh is led by President Maria Guel. If this name is familiar to astute readers of TRANSACTIONS TODAY, it is because she is the wife of Antonio Cesar Guel, an individual branded as a serial translator applicant who has been denied translators by the FCC for illegitimate addresses and misrepresentation.

However, this transaction is unrelated to the applications tied to Guel’s Hispanic Family Christian Network, for which Maria Guel is a principal.



  • Community Broadcasting Inc. is selling translator K287BR at 103.5 MHz in Grand Island, Neb., to Legacy Communications for $40,000. A 10% escrow deposit has been made by Legacy, which intends to use the signal to rebroadcast the HD4 programming on KRGI-FM 96.5, a 100kw blowtorch that reaches Kearney and Hastings. Legacy owns KRGI-AM and three FMs in Grand Island, in addition to translators for the HD2 and HD3 signals tied to KRGI. A Legacy representative tells RBR + TVBR the HD4 signal is dark ahead of its launch. Fletcher Heald & Hildreth served as the legal representative for both parties in this deal.


  • The Oregon State Board of Higher Education has transferred the license of KEOL-FM in La Grande, Ore., to Eastern Oregon University, as the board has been abolished via SB80, a statewide statute passed by the state legislature. The Class A facility at 91.7 MHz, serves a largely rural area along I-84 halfway between Portland and Boise, Idaho.