This Swap ‘N Cash Deal Has Impact


A Class B AM that presently serves as the biggest ESPN Radio in the state is being dealt, along with two FM translators, to the owner of a pair of Spanish-language FMs serving the Boise area.

In return, this local broadcaster is getting a translator with city-grade coverage of nearly all of Idaho’s biggest market. That’s already the new home for the nationally distributed Sports Talk network.

Meanwhile, a pair of noncommercial FMs are the latest divestments from American Family Association.

These and other deals share the spotlight in RBR + TVBR’s TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Feb. 24, 2017.

In a swap plus cash deal, FM Idaho Co., which operates as Impact Radio Group in Boise and as Locally Owned Radio in Twin Falls, is dealing Class B KNFL-AM 730 in Boise, Idaho and two FM translators – unbuilt K294DC at 106.7 and 99-watt K224EP at 92.7 – to Radio Rancho.

Impact is also giving Radio Rancho the “tangible personal property” of KNFL and equipment associated with the translator at 92.7 MHz, which aired an Alternative format that dates to September 2015. The programming can now be found on 96.5 MHz, courtesy of K243BM.

In return, Impact is getting K256CZ, a Class D translator with significant market coverage, and a cash payment of $35,000 prior to closing.

K294DC may only rebroadcast KNFL; its CP is currently due to expire on April 4, and Radio Rancho will need to act quickly.

Radio Rancho has already taken the step of assuming control of KNFL via an LMA with Impact.

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  • Radio Partners LLC is divesting a trio of stations in the Keystone State to Laurel Media. For $1 million, Laurel is acquiring Class D WNAE-AM 1310 and Class B WRRN-FM 92.3 in Warren, Penn., and Class A WKNB-FM 104.3 in Clarendon, Penn. The deal does not include translator W244CU. An escrow deposit of $50,000 has been made by Laurel to Radio Partners. No broker was involved in this transaction. Laurel Media is headed by Dennis Heindl.


  • An FM translator in Spokane, Wash., is trading hands, as Alexandra Broadcasting is selling K239CL, at 95.7 MHz, to Radio Station KMJY LLC for a total price of $42,000. Half of this payment has already been made to the seller, and the balance is due at closing. K239CL will be used to rebroadcast KYOZ-AM 1330 in Spokane. KYOZ operates under a Construction Permit for 5kw day/23 watts at night from 1 tower.


  • For a total purchase price of $460,000, American Family Association is selling KAOW-FM in Fort Smith, Ark., and KASD-FM in Rapid City, S. Dakota, to Richard Bott II’s Community Broadcasting. KAOW is a Class A noncommercial station, while KASD is also a Class A. Both air religious programming. The buyer is entering into a three-year promissory note valued at $345,000 – interest free – payable in three installments of one-third the note value. A $115,000 deposit has been made to AFA agent Fletcher Heald & Hildreth. Bill Lytle of Lytle Media LLC served as the broker for Community Broadcasting in this deal. This deal comes on the heels of a transaction on Tuesday (2/21) that saw AFA sell 500-watt Class A KBPG-FM 89.5 in Montevideo, Minn., to Real Presence Radio for $13,000.