Transactions 06-25-07


400K WPLK-AM Palatka FL from Radio Palatka Inc. (Wayne Bullock) to Florida Radio LLC (James E. Martin, Gary S. Smithwick, William G. Brown, Clifton G. Moor). 20K escrow, 180K cash at closing, 200K note. Buyer intends to move station out of Putnam County as soon as reasonably possible; seller is acquiring WIYD-AM Palatka from Hall Communications and will operate out of WPLK-AM site. [File date 5/29/07.]

150K WAYI-AM CP Daytona Beach FL (Bunnell FL) from Flag Radio Inc. (Lynn Hawkins) to Flagler County Broadcasting LLC (James E. Martin, Gary S. Smithwick, WilliamG. Brown, Clifton G. Moor). 10K escrow, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class B on 1550 kHz with 9.5 kw-D, 520 w-N, DAN. [File date 5/29/07.]