Transactions 07-02-07


450K FM CP Cuba MO & FM CP Wheatland MO from World Radio Link Inc. (Earl Williamson) to Marathon Media Group LLC (Christopher Devine, Andrew Barrett, Peter Handy, Charles D. Schwartz, Jonathon D. Schwartz, Bruce Buzil, Aaron P. Shainis). 50K earnest money, balance in cash at closing. 325K allocated to Cuba CP, 125JK allocated to Wheatland CP. Buyer will also place 100K into escrow if necessary to pursue possible upgrade to Cuba CP. Cuba CP is for Class A on 102.1 MHz with 2.35 kw @ 518'; Wheatland CP is for Class A on 102.3 MHz with 4.73 kw @ 361'. [File date 6/12/07.]

N/A KIOT-FM Albuquerque NM (Los Lunas NM) from Univision Radio License Corporation, a subsidiary of Univision Communications Inc. (Joe Uva, Ray Rodriguez) to The Univision Albuquerque Trust, Bob Woodward, Trustee. Divestiture, placed in trust for resale. [File date 6/11/07.]