Transactions 07-09-07


1.43M KVOX-AM Fargo ND-Moorhead MN (Moorhead MN) from Radio Fargo-Moorhead Inc. (James D. Ingstad) to Voice of Reason Radio (Robert A. Schumacher, Steven G. Schneider, Jed W. Carlson). 20K escrow, 180K cash at closing, 1.23M charitable donation from seller to buyer. [File date 6/11/07.]

1.12M KKAG-AM Fargo ND-Moorhead MN (Fargo ND) from Jeffrey G. FDress to Radio Fargo-Moorhead Inc. (James D. Ingstad). 200K escrow, 650K cash at closing, 270K to Janice M. Ingstad over 72 month period. Superduopoly with KFGO-AM, KRWK-FM, KBVB-FM, WDAY-FM, KMWX-FM. [File date 6/11/07.]