Transactions 07-25-07


1,500,007 WDBA-FM Du Bois PA. 100% of Du Bois Area Broadcasting Inc. from Debbie Brownlee (40% to 0%), Joyce Brownlee (40% to 0%), Daniel Brownlee (10% to 0%), Charles Brownlee (10% to 0%) to Family Life Ministries Inc. (Richard Snavely Jr. et al). Two 37.5K escrow deposits, two cash payments of 462,503.50, 500K note. [File date 6/29/07.]

500K KMRI-AM Salt Lake City UT (West Valley City UT) from KMRI Radio LLC (Pat Openshaw) to Alpha & Omega Communications LLC (Pat Openshaw, Connie Whitney, Isaac Max Jaramillo). Unspecified combination of cash, assumption of liabilities and forgiveness of debt. Cross-ownership with KTMW-TV Salt Lake City UT. [File date 6/29/07.]