Transactions: 1-10-12


$868.5K KRGX-FM Rio Grande City TX from James Falcon to 95.1 Investments LLC (Mary Gray et al). Debt forgiveness.  [FCC file date 12/28/11]

$135K FM CP Tahlequah OK from Cherokee Nation (Bill John Baker) to John Brown University (Kimberly M. Hadley et al). Cash., CP is for Class C1 on 90.9 MHz with 100 kW @ 325’.  [FCC file date 12/28/11]

N/A WUNT-FM CP Sheffield IL from Road Map Ministries (Stan Tinker) to Illinois Bible Institute Inc. (Larry H. Griswold et al). Swap for purchase option on IBB’s WPRC-FM Princeton IL, which is in the same general area of Illinois as WUNT. CP is for Class B1 on 88.7 MHz with 8.5 kW @ 417’.  [FCC file date 12/28/11]