Transactions: 1-14-11


$582,404.76 KRKO-AM Seattle-Tacoma WA (Everett WA). 50% of S-R Broadcasting Company from Marianne P. Skotdal (25% to 0%) and Arthur W. Skotdal (25% to 0%) to Andrew P. Skotdal (25% to 50%) and Craig G. Skotdal (25% to 50%). Cash. [FCC file date 1/3/11]

$125K WZOT-AM Rockmart GA from Woman’s World Broadcasting Inc. (Suzanne B. Stone) to Rome Radio Partners LLC (Howard C. Toole, D. Randall Quick, Cheryl Scott, James Smith). Promissory note. [FCC file date 1/3/11]

$60K KAVI-FM CP Alamosa CO from Academy of Music Inc. (Patricia Johnson) to Cedar Cove Broadcasting Inc. (Victor A. Michael Jr., Lori Michael, Mitchell A. Benadek). $20K deposit, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class C2 on 91.9 MHz with 30 kW @ 141’. Includes buyback option if changes to KAVI and KTML-FM South Fork CO fail to earn regulatory approval. [FCC file date 1/3/11]