Transactions: 1-3-11


$1M WWWK-FM Florida Keys (Islamorada FL) from LSM Radio Partners LLC (Bruce G. Danziger) to SMS 3 Communications (Isidro Gonzalez). $100K deposit, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 12/22/10]

$60K FM CP Uvalde Estates TX from Bryan King to Jose Antonio Aguilar Arellano. $10K deposit, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class A on 103.5 MHz with 6 kW @ 256’. [FCC file date 12/22/10]

$15K KBYO-AM Tallulah LA from First United Methodist Church of Tallulah Louisiana (Tommy Leotty) to Retail Social Activities Center Inc. (Evan Doss III). ontract dated 1/31/09, says sale price payable by 6/1/09. [FCC file date 12/22/10]

$2,279.36 KAWR-FM Overbrook KS from Lawrence Freenet Inc. (Andy Brown) to Americana Music Academy Inc. (K.C. Compton, Thom Alexander et al). Sale price equals costs incurred developing station, due within 18 months of FCC approval. CP is for Class A on 89.9 MHz with 3.4 kW @ 144’. [FCC file date 12/21/10]