Transactions: 10-0107


10M WGTU-TV & WGTQ-TV Traverse City-Cadillac MI (Traverse City MI ABC/29, Sault Ste. Marie MI ABC/8) from MTC License LLC, a subsidiary of Max Media LLC (A.E. Loving et al) to Tucker Broadcasting of Traverse City Inc. (Benjamin W. Tucker). Cash. Includes non-compete. Tucker is stepping in as buyer for Barrington Travers City LLC (James K. Yager), who will continue to offer the stations services under an SSA and JSA. Barrington has also paid 5.5K for purchase option. Barrington ownes WPBN-TV Traverse City NBC/7 and WTOM-TV Cheboygan NBC/4 in the DMA. [File date 9/19/07.]