Transactions: 10-03-08


$7K FM CP Owen WI from Optima Enrichment Inc. (John Melchert) to VCY America Inc. (Randall Melchert et al). Cash. CP is for Class C2 on 90.1 MHz with 50 kw @ 131’. Transfer from one noncom to another. [FCC file date 9/3/08]

N/A AM CP Tonopah NV from Champlain Radio Inc. (Carl J. Auel) to Tonopah Radio LLC (Fred Weinberg, Carl J. Auel, Beverly Smith et al). Buyers will construct station in exchange for 50.1% of surviving company; profits will be split 50-50. CP is for Class C on 1450 kHz with 1 kw-D, 750 w-N, NC. [FCC file date 9/2/08]